Live - Rock

Quinta, 03 Maio 2018


//   Ladies and gentlemen, directos da Califórnia, Isaac Rother & the Phantoms, "a banda mais fantasmagórica do rock n' roll!".
Isaac Rother & the Phantoms traz de volta uma época em que o rock'n'roll era simples e perigoso. A magia voodoo de pioneiros como Bo Diddley e Screaming Jay Hawkins é fundida na perfeição com o humor 'tongue in cheek' de hits como "Monster Mash" e "Surfin' Bird". Imaginem um cruzamento de Bobby Pickett, Misfits e... Doctor and the Medics e podem chegar perto da energia inebriante desta que é uma das mais rodadas e celebradas máquinas de festa garage da Califórnia.

"Isaac Rother is an imposing figure. On stage, he commands a unique and mystifying attention from the audience as the Phantom and his band revive the sounds of rock n roll’s nativity in a majestic and awe-inspiring sonic assault. With all the intensity of punk rock and the heart and soul of what first made rock n roll such an exciting movement, Issac Rother & The Phantoms are here to frighten mere mortals with a formidable groove and terrifying ferocity, reminding us all that rock will never die – like the host of the undead, The Phantoms won’t stop until they’ve conquered the world. Today, with the world of music literally at our fingertips, the camp and ritual of rock n' roll has almost been forgotten, residing mainly in the stories and recordings of the past. Isaac Rother and the Phantoms bring back the golden mystic of this past. They do so with top notch musicianship and hard rockin' original material, rendering them a cut above the rest. Behold… The Unspeakable Horror of Isaac Rother & The Phantoms!"