Dj Set - Electrónica

Sexta, 10 Novembro 2017


//   Segmenta apresenta: Cass. [International Feel / Emotional Response] + Terzi:
"German ambient musician Niklas Rehme-Schlüter began releasing music under the name Cass. in 2012, creating loop-based compositions with pianos, strings, and other acoustic instruments, as well as field recordings. His early 2013 'Loops & Farewell Sketches' immediately sold out of its initial pressing of 100 copies, and was quickly given a vinyl release by Düsseldorf label Shhhh. Following a split 7" single with fellow German ambient artist and friend Altars Altars, Cass.' second full-length, 'Magical Magical', appeared on the Japanese label Home Normal. Coming after this summers 'The Sounds Of Glades' mini-album with Wolf Müller from Düsseldorf, Youth Sessions sees Cass. expand his solo works beyond ambient towards a more whole explorative and encompassing ouvert. Following his participation in the Schleißen series last year, which was actually a reissue of the tape-release by Dauw, Cass. returns with his new explorative solo album, Youth Sessions."